Migration Studies journal Table of Contents for March 1, 2015; Vol. 3, No. 1

Oxford Journals have published the latest table of contents alert for the Migration Studies journal.  Further details of the articles included in Vol. 3, No. 1
March 2015 are available as follows:


Expatriate voting and migrants’ place of residence: Explaining transnational participation in Colombian elections
Cristina Escobar, Renelinda Arana, and James A. McCann
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 1-31

Migrants’ acquisition of cultural skills and selective immigration policies
Moritz Bonn
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 32-48

Travellers and their journeys: A dynamic conceptualization of transient migrants’ and backpackers’ behaviour and experiences on the road
Joris Schapendonk, Ilse van Liempt, and Bas Spierings
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 49-67

Legal consciousness as a form of social remittance? Studying return migrants’ everyday practices of legality in Ukraine
Agnieszka Kubal
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 68-88

Modeling internal migration flows in sub-Saharan Africa using census microdata
Andres J. Garcia, Deepa K. Pindolia, Kenneth K. Lopiano, and Andrew J. Tatem
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 89-110
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Supplementary Data] OPEN ACCESS

Across a divide: Cosmopolitanism, genre, and crossover among immigrant Moroccan musicians in contemporary Andalusia
Brian Karl
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 111-130
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]

Research Note

The emerging New Zealand jurisprudence on climate change, disasters and displacement
Jane McAdam
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 131-142

Review Essay

Visualising migration: Online tools for taking us beyond the static map
Adam Dennett
Migrat Stud 2015 3: 143-152
[Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]


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