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AP PHOTOS: Pregnant Syrian refugees fearful of future

Roundup of Recent Writing on the Humanitarian Fallout from Boko Haram

Sahel Blog

The violence by and against Nigeria’s Boko Haram sect has had a tremendous impact on non-combatants. Northeastern Nigeria and surrounding countries (Niger, Cameroon, and Chad) have experienced waves of displaced persons. Here is some recent writing on the humanitarian aspect of the conflict:

Accounts about surrounding countries:

  • World Food Program: “WFP Resumes Food Distributions in Diffa, Niger”
  • AFP: “Refugees in Niger Live Under Shadow of Boko Haram”
  • VOA: “Humanitarian Crisis Looms at Cameroon Refugee Camp”
  • ICRC: “Chad: Fallout from Escalating Violence in North-Eastern Nigeria”
  • UNHCR: “As Violence Spills Over to Countries Neighbouring Nigeria, UNHCR Calls for Urgent Humanitarian Access to the Displaced”

Accounts about Nigeria:

  • NEMA: “There Are 981,416 IDPs in Nigeria”
  • BBC: “Doctor on the Frontline”
  • IRIN: “For Boko Haram Victims, Charity Begins at Home”
  • IRIN: “Tackling the Trauma of Boko Haram”
  • Doctors Without Borders: “The Fighting Gets Closer…

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Belgian Refugees in Glamorgan

Glamorgan Archives

When the First World War began in August 1914, one of the first groups of people to be affected were the citizens of Belgium. Fearing persecution by the invading German army, some 250,000 decided to leave the country and relocated to the United Kingdom, the largest influx of refugees in British history. Some of those found new homes in the South Wales valleys.

The local parishes and chapels had a part to play with regards to helping the refugees:

Proposed by Councillor D. Bayliss that the council should recommend to the Public Meeting that as many persons as possible in the Parish should subscribe a certain sum weekly, to maintain a family of Refugees during the period of War. Carried. St Brides Minor Parish Council (P78)

It was proposed by Councillor D Lewis that they allow rates to be free on the Belgian Refugee House. Carried. St Brides Minor Parish…

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Every little helps, Dave?

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Exit checks being ‘introduced gradually’ at UK borders just before the general election http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32205970

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University campuses as terrorist targets

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While in the UK the Home Secretary would like university staff to police students as a solution to the spread of radical/dangerous/extreme ideas (as if it was easy and clear cut to draw lines between them, but this is not the point here), in Kenya university students are made targets by Al Shabaab. Of course, these are very different situations, but I see a risk in turning university campuses in (ideological) battlegrounds and offloading policing duties on university staff, as it could end up transforming them in ‘legitimate’ terrorist targets, targets very hard to protect without a full militarisation, which one would hope no one wants.

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