Iraq War Crimes: We cannot wait any longer for Chilcot

SALAM ALQUDS ALAYKUM - سلام القدس عليكم

The report is becoming like a mirage in the desert. Every additional delay separates Iraqis from the justice and accountability they crave.

By Haifa Zangana

SYRIA 360°

The Chilcot inquiry is becoming like a mirage for people seeking water in a desert. It is also like a six-year long wake. People are being forced to stand around a long-decomposed unrecognisable corpse.

Is this what the British people should have to endure in order to hear the truth about one of the most catastrophic actions taken by their democratically elected government? A war that over a million British citizens protested against saying, “Not in our names”?

And what about we Iraqis?

Iraq is a nation with a long memory. Our hopes for the future are based, probably like citizens of any other nation, on our understanding of history and the present. The British government’s decision to stand shoulder to shoulder with…

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