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Call for presentations: Critical Race and Ethnicities Network Annual Conference, 19th June 2015

Critical Race and Ethnicities Network Annual Conference

Friday 19th June 2015

ICOSS, The University of Sheffield

Keynotes by

Ann Phoenix (Institute of Education) &

 Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman (University College London)

 The White Rose Critical Race and Ethnicities Network (CREN) invite researchers who work in the broad field of critical race and ethnicities to attend this one day conference. The aim of the conference is to establish connections between postgraduate students and early career researchers whose work incorporate methodological and theoretical principles of critical race and ethnicities scholarship and activism.

The conference seeks to open a mutually-supportive space for scholars to collectively challenge the white hegemonic thought that currently pervades much intellectual discussion and academic research.

We invite contributions that centralise race and/or ethnicity. Some topics for discussion might include, but are not limited to:

  • Critical race studies
  • Islamophobia and/or Racism
  • Critical methodologies
  • Critical mixed race studies
  • Race and Gender
  • Critical Race, Sexuality and Queerness Studies
  • Deconstructing Borders and Migration
  • Race activism
  • Postcolonial and Decolonial theory and praxis
  • Intersectionality
  • Race, Ethnicity and Religion

We invite any panels, papers and other innovative presentation styles (e.g. poetry, videos, etc.) that address these themes and welcome national and international postgraduates and early career researchers from a wide range of faculties and disciplines.

Please email your abstracts (300 words) and a mini-biography (150 words) to the organising committee at contactcren@gmail.com by March 1st 2015.


Courses: Annual Summer Course on Refugees and Forced Migration (Centre for Refugee Studies, York University) – Early bird reduced fee until 31 January

*Please distribute widely*


Centre for Refugee Studies, York University
Annual Summer Course on Refugees and Forced Migration
May 4-8, 2015

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: January 31, 2015

The 2015 Summer Course on Refugees and Forced Migration is an internationally acclaimed, non-credit course for academic and field-based practitioners working in the area of forced migration. It serves as a hub for researchers, students, practitioners, service providers and policy makers to share information and ideas. The Summer Course is housed within the Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS), York University. All participants who complete the full course receive a York University Centre for Refugee Studies Summer Course Certificate.

The Summer Course provides an interdisciplinary, interactive and experiential approach to the study of forced migration. Through attending lectures and related small group sessions, course participants develop a deepened understanding of the political, economic, social and cultural contexts of forced migration, and the major state and non-state institutions involved in refugee protection and advocacy.  Actors involved in the management of migration will also be examined. Participants will have an opportunity during the course for structured networking and idea collaboration through panels and small group discussion.

Participant Requirements:

The Summer Course is designed for academic and field-based practitioners working in the area of forced migration. Participants typically include government officials, non-government organization personnel, lawyers, university faculty, and graduate students. Applicants must have either academic or practical background in forced migration issues. If the background is strictly academic, a first degree is required. (Undergraduate students may apply to the course if they are completing their degree prior to the course start date.) Applicants must have English proficiency, as translation services are unfortunately not available.

Dates: May 4-8, 2015

Location: York University Keele Campus, Toronto, Canada

‘Early Bird’ Registration Fee: $975 CAD +13% HST (by January 31, 2015)

Registration Fee: $1400 CAD +13%HST (until April 1, 2015)

For more information, or to apply, please visit: http://crs.yorku.ca/summer or contact summer@yorku.ca

Events: RSC Public Seminar Series, Hilary term 2015: ‘The history of refuge’

RSC Public Seminar Series, Hilary term 2015:

‘The history of refuge’

Refugee Studies and Historiography have only lately begun to draw on each other more considerably. Some important studies in other disciplines have drawn on and examined historical events and developments of forced migration. Nonetheless, refugee research has long lacked an empirically rich history of its subject. Moreover, the focus of this fruitful cooperation is often directed at historical experiences and causes of flight. In contrast, this seminar series will be concerned with the history of refugee protection, with hospitality, sanctuary and asylum for forced migrants throughout history. Speakers will present pre-modern forms of protection as well as various historical refugee policies in modern contexts. Their papers will illustrate continuities and transformations of refuge over time. Thereby, the seminar series will contribute to revealing the historicity of past and current challenges in refugee protection and to illuminating opportunities of lessons from the past.

All seminars take place on Wednesdays at 5pm in Seminar Room 1, Oxford Department of International Development, OX1 3TB. No registration is required and everyone is welcome to attend. For any enquiries, please contact rsc@qeh.ox.ac.uk.

21 January 2015
Refugees and the Roman Empire
Professor Peter Heather (King’s College London)

28 January 2015
Refuge and protection in the late Ottoman Empire
Professor Dawn Chatty (Refugee Studies Centre)

4 February 2015
*No seminar*

11 February 2015
The arrival of refugees and the making of India and Pakistan in 1947
Professor Yasmin Khan (Kellogg College, University of Oxford)

18 February 2015
Exile, refuge and the Greek polis: between justice and humanity
Dr Benjamin Gray (University of Edinburgh)

25 February 2015
Hospitality, protection and refuge in early English law
Dr Tom Lambert (Exeter College, University of Oxford)

4 March 2015
Refugees – what’s wrong with history?
Professor Peter Gatrell (University of Manchester)

11 March 2015
Out with the ‘international problem children’! US migration plans, settlement fantasies and the pacification of Europe
Dr Gerhard Wolf (University of Sussex)