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The figure of Xeni: a politics of ideology in the Greek State

An updated version of this article is also now available courtesy of the author, Oska Paul. Read the article, `The Figure of Xeni.’


Analysis on the situation of the “strangers” in Greece, contributed by a Clandestina blog reader

Greece has successfully created a reputation as an unwelcoming environment for asylum seekers at all levels of society and recast Greek citizens as victims. The success of the government and other right wing organisation such as the Golden Dawn has been to create a fantasy where the figure of the immigrant takes the form of a symptom of wider social issues. Although this construction does by no means appeal to all Greek citizens, it is a growing trend that can be seen to justify unofficial immigration policy and policing.

The images of Greek refugee camps are an extreme example of this split of opinion. While it shocked many people, it is believed by some that they were released, like the publicised torture images supposedly leaked from Guantanamo Bay, not to denounce brutality but to advertise…

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