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Calls for papers: North American Refugee Health Conference

North American Refugee Health Conference
Toronto, Canada

June 4-6, 2015  |  Metro Toronto Convention Centre

Call for abstracts!

We are now accepting abstracts for the inclusion in the conference.

Submission deadline: Friday, January 9, 2015
Acceptance notification: Monday, March 2, 2015

Themes for abstract submissions:
. Screening of Refugees
. Vaccination
. Tropical Diseases
. Nutrition
. Mental Health or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
. Women’s Reproductive and Obstetrical Health Issues
. Research
. Advocacy, Policy and Education
. Children’s Health Issues
. Global Refugee Health & Migration Settlement
. Resettlement Issues
. Chronic Diseases

Click here to submit your abstract: http://narhc2015.eabstractsubmission.com/home.seam#errormessage

Registration and program details will be available soon. Please check the conference website for updates: http://www.northamericanrefugeehealth.com/

* Please disseminate widely to your colleagues.

Source: Forced Migration List.


Conferences: Humanitarian Innovation Conference 2015: Facilitating Innovation

Source: Forced Migration List.

Humanitarian Innovation Conference

Facilitating Innovation

Following the success of the inaugural Humanitarian Innovation Conference, we are delighted to announce that #HIP2015 will take place in Oxford in July 2015. The 2015 conference theme is ‘facilitating innovation’. As interest and dialogue around humanitarian innovation continues to expand, conference participants are invited to explore the challenges of creating an enabling environment for humanitarian innovation.

In the lead up to the World Humanitarian Summit, a key focus of the conference will explore how we enable innovation by and for affected communities. What does it mean to take a human-centred approach seriously, and to engage in co-creation with affected populations? It will also seek to examine what facilitation means across the wider humanitarian ecosystem, and how we can better convene the collective talents of people within and across traditional and non-traditional humanitarian actors.

Call for Papers (deadline: 20 February 2015)

We are accepting submissions for individual presentations or proposals for full panel sessions.

Authors are invited to submit an abstract for individual paper proposals or a brief outline for panel proposals or alternative sessions.  These should include the title of the paper and an abstract of up to 250 words. Panel proposals should include the title of the panel, an abstract for the panel theme, and details of all the authors and papers to be included. We welcome presentations from academics, policymakers and practitioners. For more details, see our full call for papers: http://www.oxhip.org/wp-content/uploads/HIP2015-Full-Call-for-Papers-Final.pdf. Please submit a title and a brief abstract for your presentation to hiproject@qeh.ox.ac.uk.

Get Involved

There are many ways to participate in #HIP2015. We welcome contributions and presentations from academics, policymakers and practitioners. We invite individual paper proposals, full panel proposals, and suggestions for alternative and original format sessions (e.g. films, debates, demonstrations) from across sectors. Creativity and diversity are encouraged!

Conference Presentations & Papers

We are accepting submissions for individual presentations or proposals for full panel sessions. For more details, see the full call for papers below. Please submit a title and a brief abstract for your presentation by 20 February 2015. We are also accepting submission of full conference papers. If you wish to submit a paper to the conference, the deadline is 1 July 2015. Accepted papers will be shared with conference participants and on the HIP website.

Innovation Workshops

We also invite submissions from organisations or projects that would like to host an interactive workshop on innovation or other participation-based sessions for conference participants. This includes suggestions for alternative and original sessions such as debates, ‘open space’ formats, and innovative facilitation techniques from across sectors. Creativity and diversity are encouraged!

#HIP2015 Innovation ‘LAB’

This year there will be space at the conference to set up demonstrations or other interactive platforms for products or programmes in humanitarian innovation. Please get in touch if you or your organisation would be interested in organising an interactive and hands-on workshop at the conference.

‘Innovation’ Photo Exhibition

The Humanitarian Innovation Project will sponsor a photo exhibition for ‘Humanitarian Innovation in Action’. All conference participants are invited to submit their favourite photo depicting a ‘humanitarian innovation’ along with a 100-200 word description. Selected photos will be displayed at the conference, and a photo book will be published and made available following the conference.

Display Materials & Literature

There will be space at the conference for speakers and organisations to display posters or printed materials to share with other participants. If you are interested in sending or bringing materials for display, please let us know in advance so that we can arrange a space for you. We can also make arrangements if you would like to ship your materials in advance of the conference.


Registration to attend the conference will be open online from early 2015.

Social Media

Follow @hiprojectOx on Twitter and view the hashtag #HIP2015 for updates. Find out more about the Humanitarian Innovation Project at www.oxhip.org.

Isis fills war chest by selling looted antiquities to the west | The Times

Islamic State is now selling looted antiquities worth millions of pounds directly to western collectors, according to a senior police officer involved in stopping the trade.Willy Bruggeman, a former deputy director of Europol who is now president of the Belgian federal police council, said that some of the artefacts had almost certainly been sold illegally to buyers in the UK, although none had yet been traced to Britain.

via Isis fills war chest by selling looted antiquities to the west | The Times.

3,000 migrants a month caught trying to enter Britain – Telegraph

The number of times migrants have been caught trying to enter Britain illegally has almost quadrupled over the past three years and reached nearly 3,000 a month, according to official figures.The Home Office on Thursday disclosed that 11,920 entry attempts were detected at Calais and British ports in the first four months of this year alone – equivalent to almost 100 a day.Migration experts said that Britain is one of the most “attractive” destinations for migrants in the World and suggested that many more illegal immigrants are likely to have successfully made it into Britain.The figures were published after John Vine, the chief inspector of borders, warned that the Home Office is failing “get the basics right” on immigration in the wake of a series of damning reports.Earlier this year hundreds of migrants tried to force their way onto ships bound for Britain forcing boats to lock their doors, raise their ramps and even use fire hoses to force them back.Related Articles Migrants storm the dock in Calais Stowaway immigrants beseige Calais port 05 Sep 2014 Home Office fails on ‘basic’ immigration tasks, says watchdog 17 Dec 2014 Fewer than 1% of overstaying immigrants left Britain under flagship scheme, report says 17 Dec 2014 The future of mobile working Sponsored by EELord Green of Deddington, the chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “The sharp rise in the number of clandestines might reflect more effective detection but an increase on this scale is more likely to be due to increased pressure on our borders.”Part of that may be due to deteriorating conditions in the Middle East and Africa but there is little doubt that the freedom of our society, the existence of a black market in labour and the presence of relatives and friends add up to making the UK a very attractive destination.”The government are seeking to make it more difficult to live in Britain illegally but it will take some time for recent measures to take effect.”

via 3,000 migrants a month caught trying to enter Britain – Telegraph.

Theresa May ‘buried’ bad news immigration report, watchdog warns – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

Theresa May has buried bad news about Britain’s asylum system by delaying and manipulating the publication of independent inspection reports, the head of the Government’s immigration watchdog has warned MPs.In a damning letter to the Public Accounts Committee, seen by The Independent, John Vine reveals that the Home Secretary is currently sitting on five reports believed to be critical of the Government, one of which was completed five months ago.Mr Vine warns the MPs that the failure to publish his reports in a “timely” manner is “reducing their impact” and has “compromised” the independence of his role.His letter, which comes just months after he announced he was stepping down early, raises serious questions about the extent to which Ms May’s is attempting to control critical stories about immigration in the run up to the election. It will also fuel suspicions that the Tories are unwilling to allow the publication of critical reports, after Norman Baker, the former Home Office minister, said the Government had suppressed reports on drug laws that would have contradicted their stance. The latest figures on immigration are to be published today. Tory MPs have been warned to expect net annual migration running at over 200,000 – twice its target.

via Theresa May ‘buried’ bad news immigration report, watchdog warns – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

Serco given Yarl’s Wood immigration contract despite ‘vast failings’ – UK Politics – UK – The Independent

The Home Office has been condemned after it renewed a private security giant’s contract to run a controversial women’s immigration detention centre where staff have been accused of sexual misconduct.The decision to pay £70m to Serco to operate Yarl’s Wood in Bedfordshire over the next eight years was attacked by MPs, refugee groups and penal reformers.Yarl’s Wood, Britain’s largest detention centre for women facing deportation, has suffered a succession of damaging allegations since Serco began managing the facility in 2007.As well as the sexual misconduct claims, they include accusations that women have been locked up for long spells and pregnant detainees held without justification. Two staff members were fired for engaging in sexual activity with a detainee, while a third was sacked for failing to act when the detainee reported the incident, it emerged last year.Eleven months ago Serco, which also runs prisons, asylum seekers’ accommodation and supervision schemes for offenders, agreed to repay about £68.5m after overcharging the Ministry of Justice for contracts to fit electronic tags.

via Serco given Yarl’s Wood immigration contract despite ‘vast failings’ – UK Politics – UK – The Independent.

In Lebanon, Syrian Newborns Risk Statelessness – NYTimes.com

BEIRUT — Nearly 30,000 Syrian children born as refugees in Lebanon are in a legal limbo, not registered with any government, exposing them to the risk of a life of statelessness deprived of basic rights.It is a problem that is replicated, to varying degrees, in nations across the Middle East where more than 3.3 million Syrians have found safe haven from the intractable civil war in their homeland.

via In Lebanon, Syrian Newborns Risk Statelessness – NYTimes.com.

Calls for papers: ‘Capabilities on the Move: Mobility and Aspirations’ (Human Development and Capability Association 2015 Conference)

Source: Forced Migration List.

Human Development and Capability Association

Call for Papers

2015 Conference: “Capabilities on the Move: Mobility and Aspirations”
September 10-13, 2015
Washington, DC, USA

Hosted by Georgetown University: http://www.georgetown.edu/

The annual conference of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA) brings together people from all over the world from different disciplines and fields interested in human development and the capabilities approach.

The theme of the 2015 conference at Georgetown University is “Capabilities on the Move: Mobility and Aspirations.” Human development has in large part been a story of mobility. Geographically, people move to seek a better job or a better life, and when they succeed, they move up the socioeconomic ladder, whether as assessed by income or by capabilities. People’s economic, social, and political aspirations fuel these efforts; yet aspirations can be quashed by poverty, inequality, or social exclusion. Mobility can also pose challenges to human development, ranging from overcrowded cities to widening inequality, as some get left behind. Examining how mobility and aspirations interact provides an important window on the dynamics of human development.

In addition to papers on the conference theme, papers on all core HDCA topics are welcome (http://hd-ca.org/thematic-groups). The Call for Papers is attached [Moderator’s note: Please follow the link to the conference website, where the Call for Papers can be downloaded]. The deadline for submitted abstracts is February 15, 2015.

Sharply reduced fees are available to those from low- and mid-income countries. In addition, Georgetown University has agreed to match the association’s budgeted scholarship amount, doubling the available scholarship money. For details on the fee structure, the theme of the conference, and the types of submission welcomed, please see the attached Call for Papers [Moderator’s note: Please use the link to the conference website to download the Call for Papers].

Additional information can be found at the conference website: http://hd-ca.org/conferences/2015-conference-washington-d-c.