Courses: International Summer School in Forced Migration, Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford



06-24 July 2015
Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford

Download the brochure (PDF 316 KB):

Applications are invited for this year’s International Summer Schoolin Forced Migration, to be held at Wadham College, Oxford. The Summer School, now in its 26th year, offers an intensive, interdisciplinary and participative approach to the study of forced migration. It aims to enable people working with refugees and other forced migrants to examine critically the forces and institutions that dominate the world of the displaced. Beginning with reflection on the diverse ways of conceptualising forced migration, the course considers political, legal and wellbeing issues associated with contemporary displacement. Individual course modules also tackle a range of other topics, including globalisation and forced migration, and negotiating strategies in humanitarian situations.

The participants
Typically comprising more than 40 nationalities, Mid-career and senior practitioners involved with assistance and policymaking for forced migrants and researchers specialising in the study of forced migration. The course, which is residential, is held in Oxford. Teaching is conducted in English.

The teaching
Lecturers and tutors include research staff, academics and professionals from the Refugee Studies Centre and other world-class institutions, drawn from a number of disciplines and practices including law, anthropology, politics, and international relations.

Asfari Foundation and Saïd Foundation bursaries are available for Summer School candidates who work on refugee-related issues from Palestine, Lebanon and Syria (or Palestinians and Syrians resident in the Arab world). Candidates wishing to be considered for a bursary must apply directly via the International Summer School office and not the Foundations. Please note the deadline for all bursary applications to the International Summer School is 1 March 2015. For any enquiries please contact



For further information and an application form, please visit our website or contact
Heidi El-Megrisi
International Summer School Manager
Refugee Studies Centre
Oxford Department of International Development
University of Oxford
3 Mansfield Road
Oxford, OX1 3TB
United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0)1865 281728/9
fax: +44 (0)1865 281730

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