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IMISCOE Research Group TRANSMIG – Transnational Practices in Migration announces CALL FOR PAPERS for the conference TRANSNATIONAL MIGRATION: DISCIPLINARY IMPACTS

IMISCOE Research Group TRANSMIG – Transnational Practices in Migration
announces CALL FOR PAPERS for the conference


29-30 January 2015 at MIM and GPS, Malmö University

Keynote speakers: NINA GLICK SCHILLER (Emerita, Social Anthropology, Manchester) and THOMAS FAIST (Sociology, Bielefeld)

Invited presenters and discussants: RUSSELL KING (Human Geography, Sussex), ÖSTEN WAHLBECK (Sociology, Helsinki), MARIE SANDBERG (Ethnology/AMIS, Copenhagen), SYNNØVE BENDIXSEN (Social Anthropology/IMER, Bergen), MARTA VILAR ROSALES (Anthropology, Lisbon), KATHY BURRELL (Historical Geography, Liverpool)

The conference aims at exploring the impact of research on transnational migration from the perspective of a range of disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. Papers are welcome that answer the following questions:

Has this strand of research contributed to the changes in the agenda and methodologies of particular disciplines and what are the specific disciplinary contributions to transnational migration as a research field? Has research on transnational migration altered the funding and publication priorities in the institutional contexts you are familiar with?

How has your own professional trajectory been affected by the research on transnational migration? Which conceptual and methodological issues have been crucial for your research, and which practical problems have you encountered while working in this field?

Presentations of current research on issues pertaining to transnational migration, notably by PhD students, are also welcome.

The conference is convened by MAJA POVRZANOVIĆ FRYKMAN, Professor of Ethnology, Department of Global Political Studies (GPS), and organised with the help of INGRID JERVE RAMSØY, PhD student in Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change (MUSA) programme at the Faculty of Culture and Society, Malmö University.

It is organised on behalf of TRANSMIG – the IMISCOE Research Group placed at Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM), in collaboration with the Department of Global Political Studies (GPS), Malmö University, and the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies (AMIS), University of Copenhagen.

The conference is open to registered TRANSMIG members and non-members alike. No registration fee will be charged. A volume will be edited, based on selected conference presentations.

ABSTRACTS (200-250 words) should be sent to maja.frykman@mah.se by 1 November 2014.

Notification of acceptance (and notificaton of funding for PhD students, if available): 15 November 2014
PROGRAMME ANNOUCEMENT at MIM webpage (www.mah.se/mim): 1 December 2014
REGISTRATION deadline for participants without papers (to Ingrid.j.ramsoey@mah.se): 29 December 2014
Keynote lectures will be open for MA students in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) at Malmö University and for MA students in Advanced Migration Studies at AMIS in Copenhagen.