Forced Migration Review issue 47, entitled ‘The Syria crisis, displacement and protection’, is now online

Forced Migration Review issue 47, entitled ‘The Syria crisis, displacement and protection’, is now online at

The 6.45 million displaced people inside Syria make this the largest IDP crisis in the world, with possibly also the largest number of people who are ‘trapped’. In addition, the number of refugees from Syria continues to increase. The international community has an opportunity to set up, from now, an effective response to what will clearly become protracted displacement. The authors of the 20 articles in this latest issue of FMR offer observations that could be of value in increasing the level of protection for the displaced and in shaping assistance to both the displaced and the countries and communities that are ‘hosting’ them.

The full list of contents, with web links, is given at the end of this page.


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This issue has been published with the assistance of the Regional Development and Protection Programme, a three-year regional initiative for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq, led by Denmark and with contributions from the EU, Denmark, Ireland, the Netherlands, UK and the Czech Republic.

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FMR 47 The Syria crisis, displacement and protection – contents with web links

The inheritance of loss
Nigel Fisher (United Nations)

Development and protection challenges of the Syrian refugee crisis
Roger Zetter (Refugee Studies Centre) and Héloïse Ruaudel (independent)

The refugee crisis in Lebanon and Jordan: the need for economic development spending
Omar Dahi (Hampshire College/Carnegie Middle East Center, Beirut)

Syrians contributing to Kurdish economic growth
Anubha Sood and Louisa Seferis (Danish Refugee Council)

The role of host communities in north Lebanon
Helen Mackreath (American University of Beirut)

Refugee activists’ involvement in relief effort in Lebanon
Frances Topham Smallwood (University of Amsterdam)

Limited legal status for refugees from Syria in Lebanon
Dalia Aranki and Olivia Kalis (Norwegian Refugee Council)

Coping strategies among self-settled Syrians in Lebanon
Cathrine Thorleifsson (University of Oslo)

Refugee by association
Blanche Tax (UNHCR)

Protection challenges of mobility
Melissa Phillips and Kathrine Starup (Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat/Danish Refugee Council)

A duty and a burden on Jordan
Saleh Al-Kilani (Jordanian Ministry of Interior)

For beneficiary-led protection programming in Jordan
Sinead McGrath (International Catholic Migration Commission in Jordan)

If Israel accepted Syrian refugees and IDPs in the Golan Heights
Crystal Plotner (Al-Marsad, Arab Human Rights Centre in Golan Heights)

Gender, conscription and protection,and the war in Syria
Rochelle Davis, Abbie Taylor and Emma Murphy (Georgetown University)

The vulnerability of Palestinian refugees from Syria
Leah Morrison (Oxford Brookes University)

The impact of displacement on disabled, injured and older Syrian refugees
Marcus Skinner (HelpAge International)

The mental health of Syrian refugee children and adolescents
Leah James, Annie Sovcik, Ferdinand Garoff and Reem Abbasi (Center for Victims of Torture)

The inside story: internal displacement in Syria
Erin Mooney (ProCap)

How the crisis is altering women’s roles in Syria
Zerene Haddad (Jesuit Refugee Service, Middle East and North Africa)

Mobility as a solution
Lucas Oesch (Groupe de recherches et d’études sur la Méditerranée et le Moyen Orient)


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