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New Journal Articles (weekly)

  • “The world has become a more pluralistically, spiritual society due to globalisation and the influx of migrants to new countries. These changes beckon social workers, especially those who work with migrants, to incorporate spirituality into their practice. This paper proposes a spirituality-based social work framework that can help social work practice adapt to the varied backgrounds of migrants through self-awareness and non-judgement, empathy and trust, communication and interconnectedness, experience and compassion, and acceptance and new beginnings. The purpose of this framework is twofold: first, to help social workers understand spirituality for themselves, and second to help them use this to initiate a non-judgemental, collaborative and client-centred approach with their migrant clients. “


  • “The welfare state has traditionally neglected important heterogeneities among immigrants and ethnic groups, and not fully appreciated the historical coevolution of immigration law and social policy. Addressing these gaps, Fox offers a systematic and compelling history of U.S. welfare policy from the Progressive era through the New Deal. This pioneering contribution demonstrates convincingly how Blacks, European and Mexican immigrants were treated in fundamentally different ways and how this reflected and amplified ethnic inequalities. “


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