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  • “The National Library of Wales’ chief executive has set out new plans for the institution a year after a fire destroyed archives there.

    Aled Gruffydd Jones launched a three-year strategy twelve months after the fire caused £5m of damage to the library’s roof.

    Proposals include leading a debate on establishing a National Archive for Wales.

    It also aims to develop projects with the public sector.

    Mr Jones told staff the plan gave them a chance “not only to look back”, but also an opportunity “to look forward”.

    He added: “Our vision is for Welsh people everywhere to be connected with knowledge important to all aspects of their lives.””


  • “I like a good lost city. Found cities are interesting (Troy, for example) but lost ones are even better. Here’s a picture (possibly) of one, taken by the cross dressing acrobat and photographer Lulu Farini, protégé of the Great Farini.”

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