New Reports and Publications

A collection of newly released reports and publications on Refugee and Forced Migration issues:

No Place like Home: Returns and Relocations of Somalia’s Displaced.
By Amnesty International.

“The environment in Kenya is now so hostile that some refugees feel they have no option but to return to Somalia where the ongoing conflict in parts of the country continues to destroy lives. This is tantamount to forced return” said Sarah Jackson, Deputy Regional Director at Amnesty International. Amnesty International’s report “No Place Like Home” reveals how life for Somali refugees has been made unbearable. People are denied access to registration, meaning they are illegally staying in Kenya, and are actively targeted by the police with indiscriminate arrests.
(Source: ReliefWeb).

[Download Full Report]

Country Profiles by the Global Detention Project.
[Download Full Report]

Detention of Asylum Seekers: Analysis of Norway’s International Obligations, Domestic Law and Practice.
Produced by NOAS.
[Download Full Report]

Facilitating the Transition to Employment for Refugee Young People: A Data Update and Review of Recent Literature with a Focus on “What Works”
By the Centre for Multicultural Youth.
[Download Full Report]

Abused and Expelled: Ill-Treatment of Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Morocco.
By Human Rights Watch.

This 79-page report found that beatings and other abuses occurred as Moroccan security forces took custody of Sub-Saharan migrants who had tried unsuccessfully to reach the Spanish enclave of Melilla, or—prior to September 2013—as they were rounding up migrants without any semblance of due process to expel them to Algeria. Subsequent to the publication and printing of this report, the practice of summarily expelling migrants at the border with Algeria appears to have stopped. However, research in late January and early February 2014 in Oujda, Nador, and Rabat indicates that Moroccan security forces are still using violence against migrants expelled from Melilla. (Source: Human Rights Watch).

[Download Full Report]

Protection Checklist – Addressing Displacement and Protection of Displaced Populations and Affected Communities along the Conflict Cycle: A Collaborative Approach.
[Download Full Report]

Overview of Research Literature and Reports about Violence against and amongst Refugees with a Focus on Sexual and Gender-based Violence.
Center for Conflict Studies.
[Download Full Report]

Preventing and Responding to Gender-based Violence in Humanitarian Contexts.
HPN Network Paper, no. 77.
Humanitarian Practice Network.
[Download Full Report]

The Human Rights of Stateless Rohingya in Thailand.
By the Equal Rights Trust.
[Download Full Report]

Guide to Dataset Use for Humanitarian and Development Practitioners.
By the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project.
[Download Full Report]

Securing Borders: The Intended, Unintended, and Perverse Consequences.
By the Migration Policy Institute.
[Download Full Report]

Between Destitution and a Hard Place: Finding Strength to Survive Refusal from the Asylum System – A Case Study from the North East of England.
By the University of Sunderland.
[Download Full Report]

The Organisation of Reception Facilities for Asylum Seekers in Different Member States.
By the European Migration Network.
[Download Full Report and Summary.]


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