News Stories (Daily) 01/31/2014

  • “Women for Refugee Women have today published a shocking new report into the detention of asylum seeking women.

    Detained: Women asylum seekers locked up in the UK is based on detailed interviews with 46 women who have sought asylum and been detained in the UK which finds that contrary to Government policy, victims of rape and torture who seek asylum in the UK are being routinely detained.”

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  • “Formed in July 2011, South Sudan remains the world’s newest country. In the two and a half years since independence, South Sudan has received humanitarian and development assistance from the international community totalling more than US$4.3 billion. During this time, the humanitarian community has responded to myriad humanitarian needs in South Sudan including providing assistance to Sudanese refugees, returnees from Sudan and those displaced by both internal fighting (mainly in Jonglei state) and seasonal flooding. But a new crisis emerged in mid-December 2013 and, as of 23 January 2014, violence is affecting at least seven of the ten states across the country. As fighting continues and negotiations in Ethiopia fail to make any headway, this crisis seems set to extend throughout the dry season that runs until April. This is will exacerbate the difficulties in reaching the most vulnerable as it is a key time for the humanitarian community for pre-positioning resources before the onset of the seasonal rains which render many locations inaccessible by road.”

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  • “This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR’s spokesperson at today’s Palais des Nations press briefing in Geneva.

    UNHCR urges continued protection for asylum seekers from Southern and Central Somalia

    UNHCR has released updated guidelines on the international protection needs of people fleeing Southern and Central Somalia. Although security has improved in some parts of Southern and Central Somalia, armed conflict continues. Widespread insecurity and human rights abuses continue to compel Somalis to leave their country. More than 42,000 Somalis sought asylum in neighbouring countries and elsewhere in 2013.”

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  • “While European countries continue to restrict entry through ever tighter border controls, migrants heading for Europe continue to leave home, often becoming ‘stuck’ in countries that they had only hoped to pass through. As a result, countries like Morocco that have traditionally been considered countries of emigration are now becoming countries of immigration too. At least 20,000 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa are now resident in Morocco.”

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  • “The UK is to give emergency sanctuary to the most vulnerable Syrian refugees, Home Secretary Theresa May has told the Commons.

    Priority will be given to women and children, victims of rape and torture, and those in need of medical care, Mrs May explained as she set out the government’s plan on 29 January 2014.”

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  • “Theresa May has vowed that Britain will work hand in glove with the United Nations to provide sanctuary to several hundred Syrian refugees, while stressing that the UK will retain the flexibility to choose the most vulnerable and decide the overall number coming in.

    The home secretary told MPs on Wednesday that the UK government will prioritise victims of torture, women and children in need, as well as victims of sexual violence, or those requiring medical care.”

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  • “Thousands of Syrians fleeing the civil war in their homeland have sought refuge in Germany, which has offered a temporary home to more refugees than any other European country.”

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  • “The Government is to trial a new scheme which will see some child victims of trafficking given increased protection through a network of new personal advocates.

    The scheme will be trialled for six months from April across a number of local authorities in England including the West Midlands, Manchester and Oxfordshire.”

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  • “The Refugee Council is welcoming the Government’s commitment to offer resettlement places to vulnerable refugees including women at risk of sexual violence survivors of torture.

    The Refugee Council has been campaigning since July 2013 for the Government to work with the UN Refugee Agency to offer safe haven to the most vulnerable refugees fleeing Syria.”

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  • “The Conservative Party must talk about more than Europe and immigration to win the next election, a group of Tory backbenchers and ministers is preparing to say.

    The party must broaden its message to include policies on issues like mental health, childcare and financial education, according to the 2020 Group of Conservatives.

    The 2020 Group of Conservative backbenchers and ministers is preparing a series of detailed reports on policies that the party should develop in order to appeal to new voters. “

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  • “Nearly four years ago at the general election the Conservative Party manifesto included the following comment:

    “… immigration today is too high and needs to be reduced. We do not need to attract people to do jobs that could be carried out by British citizens, given the right training and support. So we will take steps to take net migration back to the levels of the 1990s – tens of thousands a year, not hundreds of thousands.”

    Immigration was a major issue on the doorstep then – and concern over immigration remains one of the main issues raised by my constituents. Their concerns cover many areas, including immigrants taking jobs from local people, increasing pressure on housing, problems in schools with over-crowding in some areas and the variety of languages spoken, and of course access to various benefits without having paid into the system.”

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  • “David Cameron has warned rebellious Tories they risk delaying reforms to immigration.

    The Prime Minister faces a rebellion by up to 50 Tory MPs on Thursday who are expected to support an amendment to the immigration bill calling for restrictions on the Eastern European migrants to be reinstated until 2018. “

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  • “Almost 800,000 people living in England and Wales have little or no English, with more than half not working, official figures show.

    A new analysis of findings from the 2011 census shows dramatic differences in the lifestyles and employment chances of migrants with a limited command of English compared with the general population.”

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  • “David Cameron has “a great deal of sympathy” with a rebel amendment to the Immigration Bill, Downing Street has said, as the Prime Minister faces one of the biggest challenges to his authority.

    In an olive branch to unruly backbenchers, the Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman said he supported the aims of an amendment that would make it easier to deport criminals, but he declined to say whether the Government would back it at a vote. “

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  • “The Conservatives face losing the next election because of internal feuding over immigration, the former leader has warned, as David Cameron faces one of the biggest rebellions of his leadership.

    In a rare intervention, Lord Howard, the former Home Secretary, warned Tory rebels that voters will punish them for tearing apart the party. “

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  • “No one would envy the official who has to select the few hundred Syrian refugees who are to be admitted to this country, in response to the appalling crisis. Even to think about it is torture, when we see the tens of thousands who have fled to makeshift camps in Lebanon and Turkey, or when we think of those unable to move from their bombarded towns, and who are innocently caught up in the conflict. “

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  • “Baghdad (ICRC) – Thousands of people in Anbar province have been forced by the recent wave of violence to flee their homes, sometimes for other cities, in search of safety. People who have decided to stay put often face harsh conditions and lack basic necessities. In the past four days, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has delivered vital aid to more than 3,000 people in the centre of Fallujah.”

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  • “Labour is expected to abandon plans to table a Commons vote challenging the government’s handling of Syrian refugees after Nick Clegg announced that Britain would take in hundreds of the most vulnerable victims of the civil war.

    However, the shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, will press ahead with a Commons debate on Wednesday following the announcement that Britain would take up to 500 refugees outside a formal UN programme. The UN high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) is asking western countries to take 30,000 refugees.”

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  • “The Labour party is to vote with the government to help defeat an attempt by rebel Tory backbenchers to put Britain in breach of its EU obligations by reimposing work restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians until 2018.

    As David Cameron held emergency talks with rebel Tories on Tuesday, Labour sources said Ed Miliband has decided it would be right to back the government to ensure Britain does not fall foul of EU law.”

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  • “A senior group of former Labour ministers, led by the former home secretary David Blunkett, is backing a cross-party amendment to curb the power of judges to block the deportation of foreign criminals on the grounds of family links.

    The amendment, tabled by the Tory backbencher Dominic Raab with the support of Blunkett and the former Labour cabinet minister Hazel Blears, would hand the matter to the home secretary.”

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