Details (and Document) Regarding EU Mediterranean States Opposition to Proposed Frontex Sea Borders Regulation


The document from the six states which oppose the Search and Rescue and Disembarkation provisions of the proposed Frontex Sea Borders Regulation is available via Statewatch.  (h/t to Neil Falzon and Aditus for pointing this out).  The document, a Note to the Working Party on Frontiers/Mixed Committee, criticises the proposed Regulation stating that the six states, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus and Malta, “consider it essential to ensure that the international framework on search and rescue and disembarkation is not in any way undermined; that no confusion or diverging rules are adopted when considering the sensitive nature of these operations.”

It is difficult to see how the disembarkation provisions in the proposed Regulation “confuse” or “diverge” from the international framework.  The document implies that the six states are in agreement as to what the international framework requires in regard to disembarkation when in practice this is not the case.  It…

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