Refugee Council Archive – Off Air Recording Requests: WB 5 October 2013

The following off-air recording requests have been made for the Refugee Council Archive for the week beginning 5 October, 2013:

Saturday 5 October

0530-0600: BBC News: Our World – Tel Aviv Comes OutSeries Recording.

Sunday 6 October

2100-2200: BBC2: The Ottomans: Europe’s Muslim Emperors.  Series 1 Episode 1.  Whole Series Please.

Monday 7 October

2030-2100: BBC1: Panorama – Malala: Shot for Going to School.

2100-2200: BBC3: Stacey Dooley Investigates – Episode 2. Sex, Stags & Prague.

Wednesday 9 October

2100-2290: BBC2: This World – Dan Snow’s History of Congo.

Friday 4 October

1930-1955: Channel 4: Unreported World: Episode 1. Venezuela’s Kidnap CopsWhole Series Requested.


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