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Call for Papers: Session Cities and Overseas Migration in the Long Nineteenth Century: session on cities and transatlantic migration at EAUH 2014.

Call for Papers:

Session Cities and Overseas Migration in the Long Nineteenth Century
12th Conference of the European Association for Urban History, Lisbon, 3-6 September, 2014 Session organizer(s):
Markian Prokopovych and Philipp Ther, University of Vienna

Transatlantic migration that encompassed the entire European continent in the nineteenth century has attracted much scholarly attention in the recent decades. However, while a large body of literature concentrated on the history of European immigrants in North and South America after they have landed there, much less research has been done on the history of their, often prolonged and complex, routes within the continent before they could board the ships that would eventually transport them to America. Interesting work on their longer stays in the ports of departure connected their history to the local municipal institutions and their initiatives, as  well as other involved self-help, charitable, ethnic and religious organisations. Much less work has been done on the other cities en route. While some travelled from nearby ports, migrants from Eastern, Southern and Northern Europe had to cross large parts of the continent before embarkation overseas in Trieste, Marseille, Hamburg and Bremerhaven, and many travelled further to Antwerp, Rotterdam, Liverpool, Le Havre, Cherbourg, Nantes and other ports. Vienna, Berlin, Paris and many other, smaller cities functioned as hubs in the railway and information network, while the agents of shipping companies reached out to the most remote locations and national governments constructed border crossing stations that controlled the inflow of emigrants. Entire industries that catered for the needs of the migrants, organised further travel and attempted to control, encourage or restrict it, functioned around ports, railway stations and border crossing points. In some cities entire districts turned into spaces of transient living. This session will explore the intricate mechanisms established within each locality that enabled the process of Transatlantic migration last for decades, as well as complex modes of interaction between the cities in sharing the know-how and in borrowing ideas from each other.

Deadline for paper submissions: 15 October, 2014. Please upload your paper to the EAUH website: