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Italy Diverts Additional Commercial Ships to Rescue Migrants


The Italian news agency AGI reported that Italian search and rescue authorities yesterday diverted two commercial ships, the Patroclus, a Maltese oil tanker, and the Cdry White, an Italian cargo ship, to assist with the rescue of two groups of migrants.  The first group of approximately 76 migrants was rescued about 40 miles from Tripoli by an Italian coastguard vessel; the group was then transferred to the Cdry White.  The Patroclus appears to have directly rescued a group of approximately 97 migrants south of Lampedusa.  AGI reported that the two commercial ships are sailing to Trapani and Pozzallo in Sicily to disembark the rescued migrants.

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Can you help Detention Forum’s research? Case studies needed.

The Detention Forum

Help the Vulnerable People Working Group with their research: case studies needed

The Vulnerable People Working Group are in the process of their research into the detention of vulnerable people. As part of this their researcher is looking to collect case studies.

 What we are looking for are cases of detainees who we consider to be vulnerable and who should not have been detained. The aim is to show that, contrary to policy, the (former) UKBA are detaining vulnerable people, then failing to properly consider factors which should lead to their subsequent release. We are taking a very holistic approach to vulnerability and looking for a diverse range of case studies, outlining a range of different vulnerabilities, to help us tell the human stories of those detained. There are three ways to participate in this research:

1.       Complete the questionnaire below and send it to Elizabeth Connely (vpwg.research@gmail.com)

2.       If…

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What money can buy

Postcards from ...

ImageYesterday I flew with British Airways to New York to attend the 108th Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association. My talk is entitled: ‘Deportation, non-deportability and precarious lives: the everyday lives of undocumented children in the UK’. The talk is based on this study on undocumented children and families I conducted at Compas with my colleague Vanessa Hughes. I had just got to my seat when the captain announced that the stewardess would soon pass around with landing slips – a small reminder I was venturing outside the protective shawl (if you are a EU citizen, and nowadays this is no longer enough) of the EU area of freedom of movement. The flight had not even began to move that each and every personal screen sprang to life with adverts of luxury hotels and expensive gadgets. One glossy advert in particular caught my attention: an international law firm specialized…

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Italy Conducted De Facto Push-Back of Migrants By Ordering Cargo Ship to Rescue and Transport Migrants to Libya


Just over a week ago Italian search and rescue authorities directed two commercial ships, an oil tanker and a cargo ship, to rescue two groups of migrants in distress off the Libyan coast.  After taking the migrants on board, both ships were ordered to transport the migrants to Libya.  One ship’s captain complied with the order and 96 migrants were turned over to Libyan authorities; the other captain refused and a several day stand-off between Malta and Italy resulted before Italy agreed to allow the migrants to be disembarked on Italian territory (see Malta Today: Malta blocks rescue ship from entering Malta waters; Malta orders ship to sail to Libya; Conditions on rescue ship worsen). 

The incident involving the two ships was by no means rare and what transpired raises a host of important issue. It is obviously good that one ship was permitted to disembark the…

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