New Regional Publications on the United Kingdom

New Regional Publications on the United Kingdom.

Social and public service impacts of international migration at the local level.
Ref: ISBN 978 1 78246 131 9, Home Office Research Report 72 .
Produced by the UK Home Office.

This research was conducted to provide further evidence on the social and public service impacts of migration at the local level.

It examines migrant composition and impacts at the local, rather than the national, level. It presents a local authority typology, classifying all local authorities within England and Wales into twelve discrete groups, on the basis of key migration and socio-economic indicators, including the different migrant types (e.g. workers, students) and nationalities of migrants they have recently received.

Additionally, the research examines impacts of different types of migrant, rather than focusing on migrants as a homogenous group. It considers impacts on different public services (e.g. health services and education) and the local economy.

[Download PDF, 2.22MB, 59 pages]
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IPS annual report and accounts 2012 to 2013:The 2012-13 annual report and accounts for the Identity and Passport Service (now known as HM Passport Office).
Produced by the UK Home Office.

Executive agency highlights the role it plays in supporting the Home Office’s priorities, such as public protection, reducing the impact and likelihood of identity crime, and preventing terrorism.

This 2012 to 1013 report covers the key performance indicators, principal activities, business and future developments and performance.

[Download Full Report]

Risk factors for congenital anomaly in a multiethnic birth cohort: an analysis of the Born in Bradford study.
Article by Dr Eamonn Sheridan … (et al.)
The Lancet, Early Online Publication, 4 July 2013.

Congenital anomalies are a leading cause of infant death and disability and their incidence varies between ethnic groups in the UK. Rates of infant death are highest in children of Pakistani origin, and congenital anomalies are the most common cause of death in children younger than 12 in this ethnic group. We investigated the incidence of congenital anomalies in a large multiethnic birth cohort to identify the causes of the excess of congenital anomalies in this community.

[Access to Article]
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Precarious Lives, Experiences of forced labour among refugees and asylum seekers in England.
Report from Economic and Social Research Council.

This research uncovered evidence that refugees and asylum seekers are susceptible to forced labour in the UK. The findings are based on a two-year study by academics at the Universities of Leeds and Salford, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The research explored experiences of forced labour among 30 people who had made claims for asylum in England, supplemented by interviews with 23 practitioners and policy-makers.

[Download Full Report]

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