New Regional Publications on Asia; the Americas; and

Details of these new publications were originally circulated by Elisa Mason on the incredibly useful: Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog.  Further details can be found on the website at:

New Regional Publications on Asia

Afghan Refugee Household Assessment in the Republic of Tajikistan (Danish Refugee Council, April 2013) [text via Refworld]

Barely Surviving: Detention, Abuse, Neglect of Migrant Children in Indonesia (Human Rights Watch, June 2013) [text]

A Bend in the Road is not the End of the Road: Philippines President Vetoes IDP Act (IDMC Blog, June 2013) [text]

Cash Programme Review for IDPs in the Kabul Informal Settlements (Danish Refugee Council, May 2013) [text]

*A Commentary on the June 2013 Afghanistan Operational Guidance Note (Still Human Still Here, June 2013) [text]

“Escape from North Korea,” New York Times, 5 June 2013 [access]
– An “Op-Doc” video.

“Guerre et Terre en Afghanistan,” Theme issue of REMMM: Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée, no. 133 (2013) [full-text]
– See esp. “Would-be places for displaced Afghans: The UNHCR, landless returnees and the enforcement of the national order” and “Home sweet home! Repatriation, reintegration and land allocation in Afghanistan.”

Pakistan: COI Compilation (ACCORD, June 2013) [text via Refworld]

New Regional Publications on The Americas

Asylum Victories: Stories of Protection Mark World Refugee Day (Center for Gender & Refugees Studies, June 2013) [text]

The Cartagena Declaration on Refugees and the Protection of People Fleeing Armed Conflict and Other Situations of Violence in Latin America, Legal and Protection Policy Research Series, no. 32 (UNHCR, June 2013) [text]

How the U.S. Asylum Deadline Hurts Women (Daily Beast, June 2013) [text]

A Liberal Tide: Towards A Paradigm Shift in Latin American Migration and Asylum Policy-Making?, London, 18 March 2013 [text]
– Conference report.

UNHCR Drawn into the Edward Snowden Fray, if Only by Speculation (RSDWatch, June 2013) [text]

When Clients Lie (The Asylumist, June 2013) [text]

New Regional Publications on MENA

Bases for the Palestinian Refugees’ Right of Return under International Law: Beyond General Assembly Resolution 194 (CJICL Blog, Nov. 2012) [text]

“Displacement in a Fragile Iraq,” Forced Migration Review, no. 43 (May 2013) [open access text]

Displacement, Trauma in Northern Yemen (IRIN, May 2013) [text]

“Flight, Fragility and Furthering Stability in Yemen,” Forced Migration Review, no. 43 (May 2013) [open access text]

A Global History of Modern Humanitarian Action: Middle East and North Africa Regional Conference, Amman, 15-16 April 2013 [info]
– Follow link for conference report.

New Texts Out Now: Louise Cainkar, Global Arab World Migrations and Diasporas (Jadaliyya, May 2013) [text]
– Interview with author of “Global Arab World Migrations and Diasporas,” Arab Studies Journal, vol. XXI, no. 1 (Spring 2013).

Regional Responses to Forced Migration: The Case of Libya, MPC Analytical and Synthetic Note 2013/03 (Migration Policy Centre, 2013) [text]

“Report on the Rejected Asylum Seekers of Choucha Refugee Camp,” Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter, no. 38 (June 2013) [full-text]

“Violence in Yemen: Thinking About Violence in Fragile States Beyond the Confines of Conflict and Terrorism,” Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, vol. 2, no. 1:13 (May 2013) [open access text]

“Was Establishing New Institutions in Iraq to Deal with Displacement a Good Idea?,” Forced Migration Review, no. 43 (May 2013) [open access text]

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