Bengali reflections on the Seventies: “We thought the racism was a natural phenomenon.”

Trial by Jeory

As a slight departure from the usual fare on this blog, I thought it would interesting and useful, particularly in the current climate both in the UK and Bangladesh, to publish a series of pieces profiling some of the Bengalis who arrived and struggled here in the Seventies.

You’ll see how remarkably resilient they were in the face of economic poverty and overt, violent racism. For once, I’m hoping that the EDL reads some of these pieces: even they might admire these true British heroes.

All the articles are taken from the Swadhinata Trust, which describes itself on its website thus:

The Swadhinata Trust is a London based secular Bengali heritage group that works to promote Bengali history and heritage amongst young people.

The Swadhinata Trust has been operating since November 2000, offering seminars, workshops, exhibitions and educational literature to young people in schools, colleges, youth clubs and community…

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