Rejected from refuge: Displaced Malians face eviction from apartments they can no longer afford

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC)

Forced from their homes in the north and weary of months of living in limbo, displaced Malians who sought refuge in the southern cities are in an ever deteriorating situation. With no employment opportunities, and their savings exhausted, many are facing the threat of being forced to flee again.

MDG : Humanitarian snapshot of Mali

The high cost of refuge as a startling reality

When I visited Bamako in October 2012, when the country was nine months into the crisis, the families who agreed to speak with me all shared a similar story. They had fled the violence that had engulfed the north, and then sold what was left of their belongings in order to pay for safe transport and refuge in one of the major towns in the country’s south.

Still shaken by the fear of what they had run from, worried about their lack of money to buy food and other essential goods and…

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