Call for Papers: RGS 2013 28-30 August London: ‘Geographies of Forced Migration’

Source: Forced Migration Discussion List.

Call for Papers: Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference: 28th – 30th August 2013: Geographies of Forced Migration: 20 years since Geography and Refugees edited by Richard Black and Vaughan Robinson

Organized by Michael Collyer (University of Sussex) and Heaven Crawley (University of Swansea)

Geography and Refugees, published in 1993, was one of the first collective attempts to set out how and why Geography relates to refugee movements.  There had obviously been earlier related studies but the political upheavals of the immediate Cold War context, the resultant rise in public awareness of refugee issues in Western Europe and the specific focus on what the discipline of Geography had to offer by way of explanation distinguish this collection. This collection provides a useful reference point for a discussion of developments in geographical approaches to forced migration over the last 20 years.

We invite proposals for either of two sessions with different formats:  a panel session of papers addressing or illustrating the contribution of geography in understanding forced migration and a roundtable discussion focusing on how and why geographical approaches to forced migration/refugee movements have changed over the past 20 years and/or characterizing geographical approaches today. We are particularly interested in any approaches that address significant (false?) dichotomies that have come to structure geographical research into these (and other) areas or trends in developing approaches, such as:

Applied policy work v. critical studies; ‘North’ v. ‘South’ research focus; Disciplinary v. Interdisciplinary; ‘Refugee women’ to intersectionality; Forced to economic migration

Confirmed participants on the roundtable discussion so far include: Richard Black, Nick Gill, Khalid Koser, JoAnn Mcgregor, Ceri Oeppen.

Please send abstracts (for the paper session) or expressions of interest for the round table to Michael Collyer ( by February 12th.

Dr Michael Collyer
Department of Geography
University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
2012-13 Visiting Fulbright Scholar Department of Geography, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Mobile: +1(505) 814 3692


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