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compasHere the ppt of the Compas Breakfast Briefing I gave in December on the situation of undocumented migrant children in the UK.

An estimated 120,000 undocumented migrant children live in the UK. A large majority of these are either born in the country or migrated here at an early age. These children were brought up in the UK, educated in British schools and many speak English as their main language. Successive British governments have provided undocumented migrant  children with some entitlement to public services. However, contradictory and frequently changing rules and regulations, cuts to public spending, and broader reforms in the provision of public services mean that even when legal provisions still exist, access to public services has become limited in practice, which can lead to destitution and social exclusion. The risk of producing a generation of disenfranchised youth, de facto non-deportable and yet excluded from citizenship, should not be underestimated and…

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Refugee Archive: Off Air Recordings: WB 14 January 2013

The following off-air recording requests have been made for the Refugee Council for the week beginning the 14 January, 2013:

Monday 14 January

2100-2200: BBC4: (1/4) Lost Kingdoms of South America.. (Part 1 People of the Clouds.).  Whole Series Please.

Tuesday 15 January

2000-2100: BBC3: (1/2) Growing Up Poor. (Part 1: Girls).  Whole Series Please.

Wednesday 16 January

2200-2310: Channel 4: Saving Face: True Stories

Thursday 17 January

2000-2100: ITV4: (8/13) Border Security. (Episode 8).  Series Recording.



In a strong message from the Somali refugees Community in India to the International Community,Human rights organizatins,telling that within two Months time,towo Children in one Family passed away because of unknown diseases and some kind of deathal the people saying that this is tragedy when a young girl named ANISO dies at 3:30 pm on 25/01/2011,because that Family death role reaches TWO within TWO months and it’s THE CARELESSNESS of the UNHCR mission in NEW DELHI-INDIA.

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The situation in Somali is not yet safe for people to go back and settle there since the beginning of the civil war in early 90s. The majority of population had to escape the civil war in order to save their lives and those of their families. Most of the Somali population that fled out from the war settled into neighbouring African and in Asian countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, India, Hong Kong and Nepal as refugees looking for protection or seeking asylum. 

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