New Publications on Syria; Yemen; Bahrain; Frontex and Internal Displacement

Syrian Refugees: Reliance on Camps Creates Few Good Options.
A new report by Refugees International.

The civil war in Syria has forced large numbers of Syrians from their homes, and in many cases from the country entirely. Refugees continue to flee in record numbers, and there are currently almost 400,000 registered or waiting for registration in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey combined. The United Nations has said it expects this number could reach 700,000 by December 31, 2012. About half of all the registered Syrians are living in camps, but the other half remain in local host communities trying to get by on their own.

[Download a PDF of this report].
(Source: Refugees International –

Conflict in Yemen: Abyan’s darkest hour.
A new report by Amnesty International.

For around 10 months leading up to mid-2012, Abyan governorate in southern Yemen was racked by armed conflict between government forces and Ansar al-Shari’a, an Islamist armed group affiliated to al-Qa’ida. This report documents violations committed by Ansar al-Shari’a when cities and towns in Abyan were under their control and during the subsequent armed conflict. These violations included recklessly exposing civilians to harm during attacks; killing captured soldiers; abducting civilians; and obstructing medical treatment for wounded people. It also shows how government forces used disproportionate force during the conflict.

[Download Full Report]
(Source: Amnesty International press release – Yemen: Abyan conflict a human rights ‘catastrophe’).

Bahrain: Reform shelved, repression unleashed.
A new report by Amnesty International.

On the first anniversary of the BICI report, Amnesty International continues to call for true justice and accountability in Bahrain. The Bahraini government must immediately release all prisoners of conscience; conduct independent, effective and transparent investigations into allegations of torture; bring to justice anyone at any level of the chain of command who committed or gave the orders to commit abuses; and refrain from further use of unnecessary or excessive force against protesters. The international community should immediately condemn human rights violations and match their condemnation with action.

[Download Full Report]
(Source: Amnesty International Press Release – Bahrain: Promises of reform broken, repression unleashed).

FRAN (Frontex Risk Assessment Network) Quarterly Report for the Second Quarter of 2012 (April-June).
Quarterly report produced by Frontex.

On 10 October Frontex released its FRAN (Frontex Risk Assessment Network) Quarterly Report for the Second Quarter of 2012 (April-June). As is always the case, the 70 page report contains a significant amount of information, graphs, and statistical tables regarding detections of illegal border crossings (land, air, and sea), irregular migration routes, detections of facilitators, detections of illegal stays, refusals of entry, asylum claims, returns, information regarding other illegal border activities, and more.  Here are some highlights (focusing on the sea borders)

[Download Full Report]
(Source: Migrants at Sea blog – Frontex FRAN Report for Q2 2012).

UNHCR Handbook for the Protection of Internally Displaced Persons.
Produced by UNHCR.
[Download Full Report]
(Source: UNHCR)

Challenges of IDP Protection: Research study on the protection of internally displaced persons in Afghanistan.
A new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, (IDMC).

A new report, published today by IDMC and NRC presents new evidence highlighting the worrying conditions faced by the growing number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) across Afghanistan. More than 166,000 internally displaced Afghans have been recorded in 2012 alone, bringing the total number of internally displaced due to conflict to at least 460,000.

[Download full report here] and [Download executive study here].
(Source: IDMC).

Côte d’Ivoire: IDPs rebuilding lives amid a delicate peace.
A new report by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre, (IDMC).

Côte d’Ivoire witnessed the world’s largest new internal displacement event of 2011 after contested presidential election results in 2010 sparked a violent conflict for political control. Serious rights abuses by supporters of both sides and armed clashes between them resulted in the internal displacement of up to a million people. Two years later, most of these internally displaced people (IDPs) have returned home to rebuild their lives. However, tens of thousands have still not found durable solutions to their displacement.

[Download the Report]
(Source: IDMC).



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