New Publications on EASO COI Report; UNHCR Global Appeal; Incitement to Hatred; People in Aid;

EASO ReportEASO: Afghanistan: Afghanistan – Insurgent strategies: intimidation and targeted violence against Afghans, December 2012.
A new Country of Origin (COI) report published by the European Asylum Support Office (EASO).From the press release:

“The report examines strategies used by the Taliban and other insurgent groups to intimidate the population. These include: night letters; illegal checkpoints; collection of taxes; abduction; targeted killings; parallel justice systems; targeting of relatives, and ‘hit lists’. It is important to keep in mind that the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan is largely defined by historical underlying mechanisms: Local rivalries, power play and tribal feuds. The insurgents often use these mechanisms to their benefit but it also works in the other direction. There are regional differences in this campaign of intimidation and targeted violence, which vary for the range of targeted profiles studied in this report, which include: Government officials and employees; Afghan National Security Forces; Government supporters; collaborators and contractors; Afghans working for international military forces; Afghans working for international organisations, companies, NGOs and Afghan NGOs; persons classed as “spies”; journalists, media and human rights activists; educational staff or students; medical staff; construction workers; truck drivers and those judged as violating the Taliban’s moral code.” (EASO press release, 6 December 2012)

[Download Full Report]
(Source: European Country of Origin Information Network (ECOI) blog).
– See Also: EASO Monitor – Consultative Forum’s 2nd meeting: what do we think?

UNHCR Global Appeal 2013 Update.
Produced by UNHCR.
Further information:

The aim of the Global Appeal is to alert donors, organizations and individuals to the plight of millions of refugees and others of concern to UNHCR. It is available to all those interested in our mission and mandate. The 2010 Global Appeal, which was released in December 2009, provides basic information on areas of operations and staff strength. It highlights the challenges that the UN refugee agency will face as it tries to protect, assist and find durable solutions for millions of refugees, asylum seekers, stateless and internally displaced people. The document covers international protection and durable solutions; important policy issues such as statelessness, internal displacement and emergency response; and other priorities, including the protection of women and children, health and nutrition, HIV and AIDS, education and the environment. The Appeal also examines UNHCR’s collaboration with its partners as well as summarizing the agency’s strategies, objectives and operational and operational plans in the five geographical regions where it works. More detailed information is available on this site and in a CD-ROM distributed with the Global Appeal.

[Access Full Report]
(Source: UNHCR).

Prohibiting incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence
A new Policy Brief by Article 19.
[Download Policy Brief]
(Source: The Archival Platform)

People in Aid Annual Report 2012.
Produced by People in Aid.

Our first official Annual report was launched at our AGM and Members’ Forum on 14 November 2012. The report gives a snapshot of the work we have done over the past 12 months and is split into sections with each referring to a particular strand of our work.

[Access the Full Report]
(Source:  ALNAP)


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