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ToC: International Migration Review

International Migration ReviewThe latest Table of Contents for the International Migration Review journal has just been published.  A selection of the articles forVolume 46, Issue 3, pages 625–655, Fall 2012 are included below and a full Table of Contents is available – [here]:

By Agnieszka Kanas, Barry R. Chiswick, Tanja van der Lippe and Frank van Tubergen

ToC: Journal of Refugee Studies

Journal of Refugee StudiesThe latest Table of Contents for the Journal of Refugee Studies has just been published by Oxford Journals.  Further details of the articles included in Volume 25, Number  4 (December 2012) are included below:


Education and Identity: The Role of UNRWA’s Education Programmes in the Reconstruction of Palestinian Nationalism
Ghassan Shabaneh
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 491-513
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Life Skills Training as an Effective Intervention Strategy to Reduce Stress among Tibetan Refugee Adolescents
Tsering Yankey and Urmi Nanda Biswas
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 514-536
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Welcoming the Unwelcome: The Politics of Minimum Reception Standards for Asylum Seekers in Austria
Sieglinde Rosenberger and Alexandra König
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 537-554
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Communities of Knowledge or Tyrannies of Partnership: Reflections on North–South Research Networks and the Dual Imperative
Loren B. Landau
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 555-570
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Responses to Landau

Response to Landau
Paula Banerjee
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 570-573
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Response to Landau
Stephen Castles
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 573-576
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On Partnerships, Power and Policy in Researching Displacement
Elizabeth Ferris
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 576-580
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Book Reviews

Refugees in International Relations. Edited by Alexander Betts and Gil Loescher.
Mark F. N. Franke
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 581-582
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The Responsibility to Protect: The Promise of Stopping Mass Atrocities in our Time. Edited by Jared Genser and Irwin Cotler.
Elizabeth Ferris
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 582-584
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Climate Change and Displacement: Multidisciplinary Perspectives. Edited by Jane McAdam.
Calum T. M. Nicholson
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 584-585
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Reparations to Palestinian Refugees: A Comparative Perspective. By Shahira Samy.
C. Francesca Burke
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 586-587
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Engendering Migrant Health: Canadian Perspectives. Edited by Denise L. Spitzer.
Alastair Ager
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 587-589
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The 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967 Protocol: A Commentary. Edited by Andreas Zimmermann.
Zachary A. Lomo
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 589-590
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JRS Reviewers

JRS Reviewers
Journal of Refugee Studies 2012 25: 591-592
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Forced Migration Review issue 41, entitled ‘Preventing displacement’, is now online

Forced Migration Review issue 41, entitled ‘Preventing displacement’, is now online at


FMR 41Being displaced puts people at a higher risk of being both impoverished and unable to enjoy their human rights. Such a situation is worth preventing – but not at any cost. The 23 articles in the theme section of FMR 41 address the causes of displacement, look at how to manage situations that might cause displacement so as to make staying a better option, and examine the legal and institutional context within which all this occurs.

This issue also includes ten articles about other aspects of forced migration.

The full list of contents, with web links, is given at the end of this email.

FMR 41 will be available online in English, French, Spanish and Arabic – but will be available in print in English only. We deeply regret this but currently have insufficient funding to print it in all four of our usual languages.

We would be grateful if you would forward this message to anyone you know who may be interested, Tweet about it, add links to the issue from your website and/or list it in your updates and resources. When adding links, please link to the web page www.fmreview.org/preventing

An expanded contents Listing for this issue – called FMR41 Listing – is available at www.fmreview.org/preventing/FMR41listing.pdf  This includes an introduction to the feature theme, followed by – for each article – the title, author’s name and affiliation, introductory sentences, and the link to the article online. It will be available online in all languages but in print in English only.

If you require multiple copies of FMR41 and/or of FMR41 Listing, please email us immediately at fmr@qeh.ox.ac.uk

If you do NOT usually receive a print copy of FMR and would like to receive a copy of FMR 41 or FMR41 Listing for your organisation, or multiple copies for distribution to partners and policy/decisionmakers or for use at conferences/workshops, please contact the Editors as soon as possible.

We would like to thank Dina Abou Samra and Simon Bagshaw (UNOCHA) and Josep Zapater (UNHCR) for their invaluable assistance as special advisors on this issue’s feature theme. We are also very grateful to the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, UNOCHA, Lex Justi and Refugees International for their funding support for this issue.

Forthcoming issues of FMR will include features on:

·         Sexual orientation and gender identity and protection of forced migrants

·         Fragile states

·         Detention and deportation

See www.fmreview.org/forthcoming for details.

If you no longer wish to continue receiving our occasional email alerts, please let us know.

With apologies for any cross-posting of this message.

best wishes

Marion Couldrey & Maurice Herson
Editors, Forced Migration Review
fmr@qeh.ox.ac.uk    www.fmreview.org
+44 (0)1865 281700
skype: fmreview
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Preventing displacement
Valerie Amos, Emergency Relief Coordinator (UNOCHA)

The history and status of the right not to be displaced
Michèle Morel (University of Ghent), Maria Stavropoulou (Greek Asylum Service) and Jean-François Durieux (Refugee Studies Centre)

To prevent or pursue displacement?
Casey Barrs (The Cuny Centre)

The ‘tool box’ at states’ disposal to prevent displacement: a Swiss perspective
Isabelle Gómez Truedsson (Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs)

Driving displacement: explosive weapons in populated areas
Simon Bagshaw (UNOCHA)

Predicting disasters and protecting rights
Justin Ginnetti and Nina Schrepfer (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre)

Towards a uniform legal system of protection
Dimitrios Chotouras (barrister)

Flooding in Thailand: flee, fight or float
Wan S Sophonpanich (International Organization for Migration)

The management of climate displacement
Scott Leckie (Displacement Solutions)

Recognising the land rights of indigenous peoples and rural communities
Rhodri C Williams (human rights consultant)

Shelter interventions prevent and mitigate displacement
Davina Wadley (Refugees International)

Voluntariness to remaın
Arzu Guler (Bilken University)

The ICRC approach in situations of pre-displacement

Veronika Talviste, Jamie A Williamson and Anne Zeidan (ICRC)

Businesses’ human rights responsibilities

Corinne Lewis (Lex Justi)

Undermining development: forced eviction in Bangladesh
Kate Hoshour (International Accountability Project)

The UN Security Council and prevention of displacement
Sanjula Weerasinghe (Georgetown University) and Elizabeth Ferris (Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement)

Preventing re-displacement through genuine reintegration in Burundi
Lucy Hovil (International Refugee Rights Initiative)

Education as an essential component of prevention of youth re-displacement
Marina L Anselme and Barbara Zeus (The Refugee Education Trust)

Post-conflict land insecurity threatens re-displacement in northern Uganda
Levis Onegi (University of Witwatersrand)

The role of women defenders of human rights in Colombia
Juanita Candamil and Claudia María Mejía Duque (Corporación Sisma Mujer))

Property restitution in Colombia
Eduardo Medina (International Organization for Migration)

Natural disasters and indigenous displacement in Bolivia
Ludvik Girard (International Organization for Migration)

Attempts to prevent displacement in the occupied Palestinian territories
Karim Khalil (Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre)

General articles

East African refugees adapting to life in the UK
Samuel Bekalo (freelance)

The conveniently forgotten human rights of the Rohingya
Natalie Brinham (Equal Rights Trust)

North Koreans in China in need of international protection
Roberta Cohen (Brookings Institution)

From a lab in Luxembourg to satellites in South Sudan
Marianne Donven (Luxembourg Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Mariko Hall (WFP)

Making work safe for displaced women
Dale Buscher (Women’s Refugee Commission)

Lessons from mobilisation around slum evictions in Tanzania
Michael Hooper (Harvard University)

From the Nansen Principles to the Nansen Initiative
Walter Kälin (Nansen Initiative)

Are refugees an economic burden or benefit?
Roger Zetter (Refugee Studies Cente)

Overseas cultural orientation programmes and resettled refugees’ perceptions
Julie M Kornfeld (Lutheran World Federation)

Challenging RSD clients’ preferences for foreign service providers
Christian Pangilinan (Asylum Access Tanzania)


Refugee Archive: Off-Air Recording Requests, WB 09/12/2012

The following programmes have been requested for the Refugee Council Archive for the week beginning the 9 December, 2012.  Further details are as follows:

Sunday 09 December

2100-2200: Channel 4: (10/12). Homeland.  (Series 2 Part 10 Broken Hearts).  Series Recording.

2100-2300: BBC4: The Trouble with Aid.

2300-2345: BBC4: The Trouble with Aid – The Debate.

Monday 10 December

2030-2100: BBC1: Panorama The Secret Drone War.

Tuesday 11 December

2000-2100: BBC2: This World Cuba with Simon Reeve

2100-2200: BBC4: The Dark Ages: An Age of Light (Series 1 Part 3 The Wonder of Islam).  This Episode Only.

Wednesday 12 December

2100-2200: Channel 5: (2/3) Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways.  (Series 1 Episode 2 Australia).  Series Recording.

Thursday 13 December

2100-2200: BBC1: Britain’s Hidden Housing Crisis.

Friday 14 December

1930-1955: Channel 4: Unreported World – (Episode 7.  Russia’s Radical Chic).  Series Recording.