Call for Papers: Iraq, 10 Years On

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Iraq – 10 years on

Call for Papers: Iraq – 10 years on: Conflicts – Migrations – Futures Cairo, Egypt, 3-4 June 2013

Hosted by the Center for Migration and Refugee Studies (CMRS) at the American University in Cairo and sponsored by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences

Deadline for submission of abstracts: **31 January 2013.**

March 19, 2003 was one of the signal moments of the early 21st century. Invasion of Iraq, followed by regime change” and transformation of the political system, was to have profound consequences – locally, regionally and at the global level. These have seldom been examined systematically: with partial withdrawal of occupying armies the Iraq crisis is often declared to be “over”, its impacts largely ignored by politicians and media outside the country.

A decade after the events of 2003, this conference considers how invasion, occupation and reconstruction have affected Iraq, Iraqis, and regional and international politics. It addresses four key issues:

– political and economic change

– outcomes for regional/international politics

– migration in and from Iraq

– cultural impacts in Iraq and the diaspora

A full announcement for this conference is available on the conference’s website:

For more information, email:


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