Melissa Tabeek.

I’ve been lax on blogging in the past couple of weeks, but in my defense, I’ve either been in Jordan’s Zaatari refugee camp or chasing the protests in Amman that began almost a week ago in response to the dramatic increase in fuel prices that went into effect at midnight last Wednesday. I’ll be posting a separate blog in the next few days with Zaatari stories and photographs, but this one will be dedicated to the demonstrations that have erupted throughout Jordan in the past six days. I usually don’t post long blogs because I’m mindful of people’s attention spans, but bear with me, because I’m trying to cram in six days of action. I attached the photographs here for the people I know won’t read all the way down, but please do!



The first protest began Tuesday night on November 13 around 8 p.m. in Dakliyeh Circle…

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