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ToC: Citizenship Studies, Vol. 16, No. 7, 01 Oct 2012

Citizenship Studies

Citizenship Studies

The latest Table of Contents for the journal Citizenship Studies is now available online via the Taylor & Francis Online website.  Further details on the articles included in Citizenship Studies, Vol. 16, No. 7, 01 Oct 2012 can be found as follows:

Biometric citizenship
Btihaj Ajana
Pages: 851-870
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.669962

Beyond the state? Civil sociality and other notions of citizenship
Trevor Stack
Pages: 871-885
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.716197

Theorizing Islamism and democracy: Jamaat-e-Islami in India
Irfan Ahmad
Pages: 887-903
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.716206

Within and beyond citizenship: alternative educational initiatives in the Arab society in Israel
Gal Levy & Mohammad Massalha
Pages: 905-917
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.716208

John Dewey on experience: a critical resource for the theory and practice of youth civic engagement
R. W. Hildreth
Pages: 919-935
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.716209

Naturalization ceremonies and the role of immigrants in the American nation
Sofya Aptekar
Pages: 937-952
DOI: 10.1080/13621025.2012.716211

Call for Papers: LISBON 2013 – Conference “Colonial and Post Colonial Urban Planning in Africa”

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Source: H-Migration Discussion List.


International Planning History Society (IPHS) & Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon, Portugal CONFERENCE “COLONIAL AND POSTCOLONIAL URBAN PLANNING IN AFRICA” Lisbon, 5-6 September 2013

The Conference – Colonial and Postcolonial Urban Planning in Africa – aims to re-examine the history of colonial urban planning in Africa and its legacies in the post-independence period, to learn from contemporary African scholarship, and to discuss how postcolonial urban planning cultures can actually address these urban challenges and contribute effectively for the development of resilient-sustainable cities in Africa.

The Conference, to be held in Lisbon, in September 2013, organized by the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning – University of Lisbon and the International Planning History Society (IPHS), will explore two key themes in the history of urban planning in Africa:

Theme I- 19th and 20th Century Colonial Urban Planning in Africa Theme II- Postcolonial Urban Planning in Africa

In both themes we welcome country and cross-country approaches, studies of individual cities, and the comparison of African cities with one another.

We invite researchers, planners and postgraduate students to present critical analyses of the multifaceted urban planning experience in Africa.


All submissions will be peer-reviewed for content and appropriateness to this conference.


One of the expected outcomes of the conference is the publication of a selection of papers in an edited book and in peer-reviewed academic journals. Plans have been made for possible publication in the IPHS section of the journal “Planning Perspectives – An International Journal of History, Planning and the Environment”. Plans have also been made for the submission of a selection of papers to the “Journal of Contemporary African Studies”. The selected manuscripts will undergo the standard peer-review process of these journals.

We hope the conference will also provide the opportunity for the development of an inter-disciplinary and inter-generational research network which might help to advance critical thinking about urban planning in Africa.


Abstracts are due before January 15, 2013. Notices of acceptance will be sent by e-mail on February 15, 2013.


All colleagues interested to participate in the conference are invited to submit, by e-mail, an abstract (up to 500 words), by no later than 15 January 2013, to:

Carlos Nunes Silva
Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning University of Lisbon, Portugal
E-mail: urbanplanningafrica@gmail.com

Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon, Portugal.



Reminder: Refugee Studies Centre: Annual Harrell-Bond Lecture 2012

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The Refugee Studies Centre, University of Oxford is delighted to announce the forthcoming Annual Harrell-Bond lecture.

Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar

Co-Director, Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation Stanford Law School

Wednesday, 07 November 2012, 5pm

Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PW

 “The architecture of refugee protection”

See also: the recent published press release entitled, `Former US presidential special assistant to give lecture on refugees and human rights‘ at http://bit.ly/SzJ0xa

Tens of millions of people in nearly every inhabited corner of the planet face the challenge of life as refugees or internally-displaced people. Countries and organisations throughout the world often recognise that such displaced people (and particularly refugees) have legal rights and merit considerable attention. Nonetheless, the complex structures shaping the laws, organisations, and ideas in this domain – what could be called the ‘architecture’ of refugee protection – often fails to live up to its promise.

In this talk, Professor Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar will disaggregate three dimensions of the ‘architecture’ of refugee protection. Specifically, the talk will focus on some of the architectural features of the humanitarian relief system, on the allocation of power and territory across nation-states, and on the physical architecture of refugee camps. Each of these domains reveals some of the key architectural features driving our response to refugees and internally displaced persons. By understanding the interacting effects of these different architectures, we can better appreciate how a mix of laws, organisations, and ideas help create the combination of neglect and opportunities for action that will shape the lives of displaced persons and the international system that defines our world.

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception

Please register for this event online at: http://www.rsc.ox.ac.uk/harrell-bond-registration