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Refugee Action Coalition Sydney

The Refugee Action Coalition has welcomed the decision of the High Court today that it is unlawful for the Minister to refuse a protection visa on the basis of a refugee being given a negative ASIO finding.

“It is a small victory for justice and common sense. These people have already been found to be refugees. Despite them being refugees, some of them have been in detention three years. The High Court has now said that the Minister has not had a lawful reason to deny them a visa.

“The ball is now in the Minister’s court. Adverse ASIO assessments are no reason to deny refugees a protection visa. The Minister must now act immediately to actually grant them protection visas and release them from detention,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“It is also now clear from the court case that a negative ASIO assessment does…

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Postcards from ...

I wrote a comment article on Anthropology Today (October 2012) challanging current assumptions on the so-called ‘deportation turn’ and demonstrating that the main impact of immigration control and enforcement is not the physical removal of unauthorised migrants but the production of a precarious and insecure mode of membership in society. The situation of undocumented migrant children is a case in point. For those without access to the journal, an earlier version of the piece appeared on this blog (do get in touch if you are keen to read the full version). I am currently working on a longer academic paper which I will be presenting as a paper in Goldsmiths and at the RSC this term.

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