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Event: Designing Peacebuilding Programmes

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Designing Peacebuilding Programmes: Improving Sustainability, Impact and Effectiveness in Peacebuilding & Peace Support Operations, Cluj Napoca, Romania, 26th – 30th of November, 2012

Dear Colleagues/Experts,

The International Peace and Development Training Center is  recruiting expert professionals, policy makers and practitioners for its upcoming Advanced Professional Training Programme for UN agencies, governments and national and international organisations. IPDTC’s programmes have been ranked by participants and their agencies as amongst the most professional, intensive and high quality in their field. They provide participants with the opportunity to train together with an exceptional group of experts and practitioners from around the world, coming from governments, community-based, national and international organisations, military and security forces, donors, and others. The programmes are thorough, rigorous and dynamic, drawing upon key lessons in the field and training people in practical skills, knowledge and capabilities to directly improve their and their organisations capacities for peacebuilding, prevention and post-war recovery. We would like to ask you to share the announcement for these programmes broadly through your networks, web-sites and mailing lists. Please note: agencies which send multiple participants may receive a significant discount in fees, while participants taking part in both programmes receive a substantial course fee reduction.

The programme will be held at the Global Academy of IPDTC and is intended for senior to executive level experts and practitioners working in peacebuilding, crisis prevention and management and post-war recovery and stabilization operations from governments, UN agencies and inter-governmental organisations (EU, OAS, AU, ASEAN, Commonwealth, OSCE) and national and international organisations.

To enable organisations, agencies and practitioners in the field to benefit from this programme IPDTC has developed a fee scheme advantageous to all individuals and organisations interested in attending, including attractive discount rates for early payments and group participation. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the fee scheme, which is also available by accessing the training outlines on our website.

For more information, to view the programme and/or to apply, visit http://www.patrir.ro/training

Application deadlines: October 30th for Applicants WHO NEED a Romanian Visa and November 12th for Applicants who DO NOT NEED a Romanian Visa

Email: training@patrir.ro


World Without Torture

Hanging on the wall in Steen Holger Hansen’s office is a hunk of twisted metal.

“It’s part of a German aeroplane shot down by the Americans during World War Two,” he notes. “It was found in Southern Denmark just ten years ago, although it crashed more than 60 years ago. I wrote the death certificate for the German pilot, and he was finally buried properly.”

Dr Hansen’s office is lined with similar objects; objects that, for him, tell stories. As a forensic pathologist at the University of Copenhagen, he is in some ways a story-teller, and a historian.  His mission to Cambodia last year was of particular historical significance:  he had to find evidence of torture, evidence that victims had been brutalised by state authorities, from more than 30 years ago, during the Khmer Rouge era.

Dr Hansen took part in the forensic investigation mission to Cambodia last year as…

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