New Publications on Ethiopia, Arab Spring, FRONTEX, Racial Justice, Systematic Reviews

“Waiting Here for Death”

“Waiting Here for Death”

“Waiting Here for Death”: Forced Displacement and “Villagization” in Ethiopia’s Gambella Region (Human Rights Watch, Jan. 2012) [text]
(Source: Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog).

Ending the Displacement Cycle: Finding Durable Solutions through Return and Resettlement (Regional Centre for Strategic Studies, June 2011) [text]
(Source: Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog).

Arab Spring, Tunisia and Turkey
A Policy Debate publication produced by the SETA Foundation.

Tunisia triggered a wave of protests that has been sweeping all over the North Africa and the Middle East since the early 2011. It set the motion in the so-called Arab Spring and successfully demonstrated that social and political transformation is possible without resorting to violence. Through fair and transparent elections that was held on October 23, 2011, Tunisians elected a Constituent Assembly that is mandated to draft the new Constitution of Tunisia. The new political actors in Tunisia has shown great interest in increasing the level of cooperation with Turkey, a country whose experience in political transformation and economic development has become a source of inspiration for the people in the region.

[Download Report]
(Source: DocuBase).

FRAN Quarterly Q3 2011

FRAN Quarterly Q3 2011

The Frontex Risk Analysis Unit (RAU) released its 3rd Quarter Report (July-September) for 2011 on 18 January.  (See also  2nd Quarter Report (April-June 2011) and 1st Quarter Report (Jan-March 2011).)

The reports contain a significant amount of information, graphs, and statistical tables regarding detections of illegal border crossings, irregular migration routes, detections of facilitators, detections of illegal stays, refusals of entry, asylum claims, and more.  The Report is based on data provided by Member States.  The Report states that “Frontex and the Member States are currently harmonising their illegal-migration data, a process that is not yet finalised. Therefore more detailed data and trends in this report should be interpreted with caution and, where possible, cross-referenced with information from other sources.”

[Download Report]
See Also – Frontex:  FRAN Quarterly | Q03 2011.
Click here for previous post on Q1 and Q2 Reports.
(Source: Migrants At Sea blog).

Criminal Justice v Racial Justice: Minority ethnic overrepresentation in the criminal justice system.
Edited by Kjartan Páll Sveinsson.
A new report published by The Runnymede Trust.
[Access to the Report]
See Also – Runnymede Trust Press Release.
(Source: Runnymede Trust)

Making systematic reviews work for international development research

Making systematic reviews work for international development research

Making systematic reviews work for international development research
Discussion papers
, January 2012.
Authors: Jessica Hagen-Zanker, Maren Duvendack, Richard Mallett and Rachel Slater with Samuel Carpenter and Mathieu Tromme.
[Download Full Summary and the Full Report]
(Source: Overseas Development Institute).


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